Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, New Blog

It was suggested that I start a music blog of sorts, so here I am with yet another blog to a long list of random blogs. It's a new year, and my theme is fresh starts and things I've never done before. Seems fitting that I do this since I never have.

I've been watching a lot of High Fidelity lately (great movie, btw, lots of music), so in honor of that and the new year, let's look back at some Top 5s of 2007.

Top 5 Albums of 2007
In no particular order
  • In Rainbows - Radiohead
    • A genius marketing tool to offer the album online at whatever price you feel like paying. Even people who aren't Radiohead fans participated in support of the brave strategy. Besides, it's Radiohead, so you're guaranteed bloody brilliant music at any price. I have a hard time choosing one song that I like because they are all suberb. I would have to say it's a toss up between 15 Steps, Bodysnatchers, and All I Need.
  • Sky Blue Sky - Wilco
    • Seems like Wilco took a hint from Moby's Play and licensed the heck out this album. I will say that it made some of those car commercials enjoyable. Brilliant album. One of those albums you can turn on and relax to. Shake It Off is probably my favorite track because of the kind stop/start of the chorus. Impossible Germany is one of those titles that will stick in your head.
  • Easy Tiger - Ryan Adams
    • I will admit that I am late getting on the Ryan Adams bandwagon as many of my friends have been fans for a good long while. I finally got around to this one out, and I'm sold. It's another feel good record to relax to. Goodnight Rose, Halloweenhead, and Rip Off are my faves. Rip Off has a really interesting melody that continues to intrigue me everytime I listen to it.
  • Mantaray - Souxsie
    • Absolutely awesome. If you remember how cool Souxie and the Banshees were in the 80s, then you will adore this album. Heck, you'll love it anyways. It's one of those kick ass girl albums. Sexy, confident, and cool. So many great tracks on this one too. Heaven and Alchemy is a song that could just go on forever. Into a Swan kicks ass as the opening track and sets up the awesome.
  • The Reminder - Feist
    • Another awesome lady of 2007. Feist has a uniquely beautiful voice. I love how she uses her voice on some of the songs. On Honey Honey, she uses her voice to sound like the doldrums. Sealion Woman drags you in to chanting sealion along with her. Of course the singles are awesome. 1234 is a fun little ditty, and is a great introduction to her music thanks to the Apple commercial. My Moon, My Man is one of my faves. The Limit to Your Love is a wonderful song. I want to say that this album is my top fave right now just because I feel like it describes me and my personality.

Now... looking forward to the new year. Kate Nash is a lady to look out for. Her London accent and very simple melodies make for great simple girly music. Her single Foundations is available here in the States, and it has some great songs you won't find on the upcoming album. Caroline Is a Victim is fun and catchy, but it's Habanera that will have you singing it long after it's over. The single Foundations is a fun dig at a dying relationship. There are some great lyrics in the song. "Yah, intellegent input dahlin'" and the bit about lemons are some of my fave moments in the song.

Hope yall have a great 2008!

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