Friday, January 11, 2008

Once - Great movie! Great music!

I was itching to see this movie after I caught the preview at the Angelika one night. A Guy and a Girl meet on the streets of Dublin and spend two weeks together writing and recording songs. They become entwined in each other's lives. The Guy is a vacuum repairman by day and a street musician by night. The Girl is a Czech immigrant that sells roses and cleans houses.

Now, for you romantic hopefuls like me, I'll warn you now that Once isn't really a love story. It is a musical with a heart-warming story about strangers finding an unexpected friendship in the midst of their mixed up lives.

It's shot kinda like a documentary, and one of the things they mention in the DVD was that people would come up to the actors after screenings and ask about how things turned out for such and such. The really awesome bit is that the lead actors are not professional actors, but rather musicians. Glen Hansard plays The Guy, and he is in a band called The Frames (which I would recommend checking them out).

The soundtrack to this film is amazing. "Falling Slowly" is a sort of hopeful love song that has quickly become a favorite. All the songs in the film are fantastic, and you'll have a great time seeing them come together through the movie.


Joel "El Macho" said...

The Frames are one of my top ten, maybe top five bands. I saw them for the sixth time this past September at Webster Hall in New York. Glen mentioned how they usually will have someone from the crowd ask to sing "Falling Slowly" with them, because Marketa didn't go on tour with the band. He then said, "We decided not to do that tonight here in New York because... well... she's here." She emerged from backstage, just as stunning in person as she was on film, and they sounded just as amazing.

Who knew that the two best films of 2007 would be music related ('Once' and 'Control')?

Leslie said...

The Frames make the idea of moving to Dublin just a bit more appealing than London. But my London calling is a life-long love that's hard to shake. I think I may have to divide my time between both cities.