Saturday, February 9, 2008

2 1/2 concerts in one week!

Golly! This last week got busy in a hurry. An acoustic set and two concerts kept me running around like a loony.

First thing was the acoustic set on Wednesday, courtesy of Switches and my friend Carissa. The crowd was smallish, and we all stood behind the racks so as not to crowd the band. The lads played songs that I recognized (because I did my research beforehand, thank you very much). I really enjoyed the harmonies. Joel was right about the touches of Franz Ferdinand and Supergrass. I heard a fair amount of British Invasion influence there too. The songs are hooky, and I am still singing them days later. I think my favorite was "Lay Down the Law." "Drama Queen" is fun, as well as "Snakes and Ladders." Fast forward to the concert at Granada with all instruments plugged in and electrified. I stood front row as I had been instructed earlier in the afternoon. They are very energetic and fun to watch on stage. I really enjoy bands who write music you can dance along to.

Wednesday night was a good night to be at Granada. Electric Touch was the first band of the evening. I think, with the exception of The Bravery, it was British night (and I'm certainly not complaining! lol!) Electric Touch is from Austin, except the singer, who is British. I thought they sounded like a rocked up version of Keane with guitars. I liked the song "Saved" which is about the singer living in England. They did an awesome cover of "Come Together." While they may have sang about "putting the fire out," Electric Touch set Granada on fire for the night.

Your Vegas, from Leeds, was next up. I enjoyed hearing them, even though the singer was extremely sick from the flu. I liked their song "This Is Your Vegas" as it makes a great intro to the band. They reminded me of David Bowie and a dash of The Smiths, with a smattering of those fabulous bands from Manchester's famous Factory Records [see the movie "24 Hour Party People" for your education]. I can't wait until they make it back to Dallas firing on all cylinders. They have an album coming out April 22nd.

I have a confession to make. Until this week, I'd never really listened to The Bravery. I know! I know. Before you string me up by my toes, let me try to make amends. I will endeavor to listen to a newly acquired cd, and report back later in the week. It's fitting that my favorite song of the night was "An Honest Mistake." I will say that I enjoyed their set. I wanted to dance along, but it was a tad cramped for room up in the little box in the back. They have a cd coming out soon... that is a remix of their last cd.

All in all, it was a great night. I recommend going to see Switches if you get the chance. They are a blast to hang out with and fun to dance and sing along to. Switches and Electric Touch will be at SXSW, so Texas, you have no excuse not to be there!

And now for something completely different...

Friday was another early music day. There was a luncheon with an acoustic set by Ludo at the Universal offices. For those of you who are not children of the 80s, such as myself, you may not remember a movie starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connolly, and a ton of Jim Henson's muppets called "Labyrinth." There was a rather large furry and friendly creature named Ludo, and he found himself stuck in the Bog of Eternal Stench (Yah, I still have the storybook, so back off!)

It's safe to say that this band does not share their namesake's fate. Ludo is clever, sarcastic, and hilarious! They remind me of Relient K and Weezer. Their single, "Love Me Dead," is witty, tongue-in-cheek, and sour like a mouthful of Sweet Tarts. Andrew Volpe is a riot to watch perform with crazy faces and snarky lyrics. Their cd "You're Awful, I Love You" comes out Feb 26th.

Lots of pics over at the ol' Myspace (You do have to be logged in to Myspace to see these. Strange Myspace policy)
Electric Touch & Your Vegas
Switches & The Bravery

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Electric Touch
Your Vegas
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Thom from Switches

Ollie and Steve from Switches

Ludo! These guys crack me up!!

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