Saturday, February 23, 2008

SXSW... need advice.

Dear Readers,

I am in need of your help. I want to go to SXSW, but I have very (stress the VERY) limited funds. If any of you have been to SXSW before, give a girl some advice on how to see the shows without forking over $650.



Joel "El Macho" said...

Take advantage of the free day shows. A lot of them don't require badges or wristbands, and if you get there early enough, there's usually free food and booze. A good source for the free shows is

A wristband will run you about $185-$200, depending on how they price them this year. They always say "numbers are limited", but you won't have an issue getting one. I never have.

As far as the bigger bands go, you won't be able to just waltz into the venue right before they go on stage. More than likely, if a band everyone is trying to see goes on at 11, you'll have to be at the venue at 8. That's where the day shows come in. You can see the bigger bands during the day, and then catch the up and coming acts at night while everyone else it trying to file in to La Zona Rosa.

Leslie said...

Yah... I'm trying to stay away from Moby and big name bands I know will be in Dallas at some point. I may have found a friend who can get me in. What stinks is that some of the bands I want to see are so spread out, but close together in time. :-P

Joel "El Macho" said...

yeah, that happens. i pretty much stay on sixth between red river and guadalupe. you just hope that some of those bands play day shows along the strip.

two more suggestions, this time for foood: hut's hamburgers and frank & angie's pizza. it's a bit of a hike, past guadalupe, but both places are worth it.