Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 50 British Albums... just in time for the Brit Awards

I was pointed in the direction of this article today. Of course it's about British music, so I clicked the link without hesitation. Unlike most people who just want to see the list, I gave the whole article a nice read, and then went through the list. Of course, there are a few artists I'd like to see higher on the list, but you could take it as a Top 50 in no particular order.

"The point of list like this is to stimulate debate."

And debate they have, the comments board under the article it steaming. Every one's a critic. The poll was of the public, so you only have the British to blame... who, by the way, provide that same music for your listening pleasure. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Again, I'm not disappointed by this list, my top favorite albums by my top favorite band of all time occupies the top 2 spots. I feel quite vindicated for 12 years of support. After all, Oasis is the band that changed my life as a lowly freshman. They gave me the dream of working in the music industry, as well as that not so far off dream of moving to England someday. So yah, I'm well pleased.

Here's the article in all it's musical glory.

The Brit Awards are this Wednesday. While they may not be telecast here on the day, I'm sure BBC America or some other cable/satellite channel will give us some love here in a couple of weeks.

The music poll closed today. UK took the lead with "Somewhere Else" taking second. Again, well pleased. :-)

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