Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cool shows to be aware of

Levi Weaver is coming to back to DFW.  You might remember him from Stories of London or opening for Imogen Heap at SMU.  If you don't know him, he's an amazing indie/folk/rock/alt-country/[insert ultra amazing something here because it got away from me].

He's currently on tour supporting his independently produced album "You Are Never Close To Home, You Are Never Far From Home."  The "You Are Home" tour opens up booking to the fans.  He's been booked in houses, college campuses, and clubs.  He's got 3 DFW dates coming up.

This Saturday, March 15th, Levi will be in Carrollton at a house show.  It'll be acoustic only, no loop pedals.  I'd recommend this for the friends and old fans familiar with his music.  RSVP is needed for the show.  Details for contacting the host are on Levi's My Space.

If you do not have Good Friday services at your local church, March 21st Levi will be playing at The Door's Prophet Bar [aka the old Gypsy Tea Room] in Deep Ellum [Dallas].  This is a regular show, and I'd definitely recommend coming to see him on this night.  It's worth it to see his awesome cover of Radiohead's Idioteque.

On Wednesday April 2nd, Levi will be in Ft Worth at Christ Church Student Ministry Center.  Safe for ears of all ages.

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