Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Levi Weaver's "You Are Home" tour coming to a town near you.

Levi Weaver is going on the road and heading West.  His tour booking completed, Levi sets out on April 1st to bring his electro-acoustic folk rock to homes, churches, campuses, and venues from the Mississippi to the West Coast and all points in between.

I know the likelihood of someone from Montana or Canada reading this blog is pretty slim, but if Levi is coming to your town, you should definitely get out and see him.  Buy a CD and a tshirt while you're at it, because independent musicians need to eat and buy A LOT of fuel.

There's an awesome press release in his blog that you should read.

Tour dates are as follows:

The "You Are Home" Tour (West Wing)

April 01 - Houston, TX - DOXA Student Center (Spring)
April 02 - Ft. Worth, TX - CCAG Student Center
April 03 - Dallas, TX - VCI Student Center (Parker)

April 04 - Norman, OK - In-Studio Set for "The Wire" (OU Radio)
April 05 - Albuquerque, NM - UNM Lobo A/B Room (SUB)
April 06 - Phoenix, AZ - TBA
April 08 - San Diego, CA - The Kava Lounge
April 10 - Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe
April 11 - Visalia, CA - TBA
April 12 - San Francisco, CA - TBA
April 13 - Portland, OR - The Tonic Lounge
April 14 - Seattle, WA - The Greenhouse
April 15 - Spokane, WA - Empyrean Coffe House
April 16 - Missoula, MT - Rob’s Field
April 18 - Salt Lake City, UT - TBA
April 22 - Cheyenne, WY - TBA
April 24 - Evergreen, CO - Little Bear
April 25 - Denver, CO - Hi-Dive
April 28 - Omaha, NE - PS Collective
May 02 - Kansas City, MO - Korruption
May 03 - St. Louis, MO - UMSL Pilot House.
May 15 - Toronto, ON - Cameron House
(East Coast dates will resume when school starts in September)

In the meantime, check out his self-produced video for the song "You Are Home."  It's pretty flippin' amazing!

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