Monday, April 7, 2008

Stay Indie or Go Major: Selling Out?

I don't know what to classify some bands as anymore.  Are they still indie if they've signed with a major label but still fall under the radar of the masses?

Death Cab For Cutie has long been popular is the hipster crowds.  Could they still keep their indie cred even after signing with Atlantic records and licensing their music for commerical use?  A decade ago, that could be considered "selling out" to The Man.  After all, The Man has been the entity rock'n'roll has fought against for over 50 years.

Yahoo has posted an article about how Death Cab has faired in the majors.  Check it out.


Joel "El Macho" said...

here's the article from kevin barnes from of montreal about selling out:

let's go outback tonight!

lance said...

I use to be a staunch believer that any band that licenses their music for commercial use was a sell out. But, then I came to realize that it's a business just like anything else. So, I've lightened up a bit. Especially when the first time I saw the Jaguar commercials a few years back that featured "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon. I wasn't going to stop likeing them.