Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Will Possess Your Heart, Baby

Fate and a super cool boss brought Death Cab tickets to my hands yesterday. Let me preface this post by stating that I generally resist hype or people declaring that I cannot live without hearing such and such a band/album. Since their album Transatlanticism, I have been resisting Death Cab for Cutie at all costs. Then Ben Gibbard went "postal" and hooked me in with The Postal Service, and my walls of resistance cracked ever so slightly.

That being said, Death Cab for Cutie is slowly growing on me. I'm pleased to see former-indie darlings being successful in the major league. Ben Gibbard's voice is sweet and charming, and the music speaks for itself. Although, Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie is too big a venue for the music, but I suspect that anywhere else would have sold out in minutes due to the sheer popularity of Death Cab.

Last time I saw them, I had just been blown away by Franz Ferdinand, who totally dominated the night, and the switch in gears to Death Cab left me sleepy in the back of the pit.... not kidding (don't shoot!). This year, Rogue Wave set the tone that matched the mood of Death Cab's music almost perfectly. Still very relaxing music, and I enjoyed the night sitting down for most of the night. Until the uber fans arrived and blocked my view with enthusiastic jumping.

The thing that annoys me the most about Death Cab isn't their music. It's their fans. I'm fine with the music nerds [hello, I am one]. I'm fine with the scenesters and hipsters. I'm annoyed by the "Abercrombies" who are only there to be seen at a cool concert, talk through the entire show, prop their feet up on an occupied seat, or fan girly squeal like annoying teenagers [boys and girls].

*ahem* I think this time around, I have a greater appreciation for Death Cab's music. Really listening to the lyrics and getting caught up in in the music finally punched a hole in my defenses. I will endeavor to obtain their albums to fill the gaping void in my cd shelf post haste, and I will wear my new tshirt proudly [and I will try not to laugh at myself for doing so].

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