Friday, July 25, 2008

Boy Bands in Texas

I might be a couple of days late on this, but it scares me. The Jonas Brothers have moved to the DFW area.

I'll let this disturbing news settle in.

You know of course this means I can no longer go shopping without the fear that there will be a JoBro sighting and I could be killed in the ensuing mayhem and crushing hordes of screaming teenage girls. I just hope they stick to shopping in Southlake and won't come to Grapevine Mills, Galleria, or Northpark [I like those places].

I actually feel mean and am thinking about going to a mall and shouting "OMG!!! It's the Jonas Brothers!!" and seeing what happens. I'm evil. lol

1 comment:

Randy W said...

haha. they creep me out.. seriously.