Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catchin' Up

Life happens in between my little postings here, and a lot of life has happened since I last tickled the keyboard. Amazing boyfriends aside, here's a couple of things I promised.

Forever The Sickest Kids are on The Warped Tour. It's already made it's pass at Dallas, but for the rest of you out there, you still have a chance to catch them.

Jul 24 2008 Darien, New York
Jul 25 2008 Camden, New Jersey
Jul 26 2008 Uniondale, New York
Jul 27 2008 Scranton, Pennsylvania
Jul 28 2008 Englishtown, New Jersey
Jul 29 2008 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jul 30 2008 Cinncinnatti, Ohio
Jul 31 2008 Noblesville, Indiana
Aug 1 2008 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aug 2 2008 Tinley Park, Illinois
Aug 3 2008 Shakopee, Minnesota
Aug 5 2008 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Aug 6 2008 Calgary, Alberta
Aug 13 2008 Fresno, California
Aug 14 2008 Chula Vista, California
Aug 15 2008 Mountain View, California
Aug 16 2008 Marysville, California
Aug 17 2008 Carson, California

If you haven't had a listen to Jesse McCartney's new album, it's worth a listen to hear him go from Disney Radio sugar pop to grown up R&B/Pop ala Justin Timberlake.

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