Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have an application on my facebook page called Hatchlings.  It's a digital easter egg hunt.  As more of your friends add the app, you go looking for eggs in their profiles.  The eggs can then be hatched and kept as digital pets.

The cool part is the eggs are different and contain different creatures than just what Mother Nature designated for that particular form of birth.  You can name them and dress them in hats.  The weird/sick part is that you have to feeds these digital pets other eggs.

I ask you, is digital cannibalism ok for the sake of killing time?  I try to keep from feeding my hatchlings eggs of the same type because I feel that's worse than feeding a digital llama a digital ducky egg.

I have to go now.  Don Burro, my blue tattooed donkey needs an egg.

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