Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a wonderful Christmas

It's been a very good year.  So sad that Christmas season has come and gone so fast.  I love this time of year.  The music and spending time with family.  My brother flew in from Virginia on Thursday and his friend Cami came up from Austin to visit as well.  I don't realize how much I miss him until after he's gone.  I've gotta try to get more time with him before he leaves this weekend.

Christmas for our family really got started on Sunday.  My uncle, his wife, and son were travelling this week to visit her family in Kansas, so our usual Christmas Day gathering moved up to Sunday.  Pawpaw rode with mom and dad, my cousins were there too.  We all met at Aunt Lizzie's house and had a brief dinner followed by a brief gift exchange (we draw names in this family, keeps it simple) followed by a little football.

Monday was really nothing.  A bit of shopping, a bit of chauffeuring my car-less brother around town.  Tuesday night saw a gathering of close friends to my family with a big spaghetti dinner and a little exchange of presents.

Last night was my dad's side of the family.  Big Christmas Eve tradition is seeing all the Hursts in one house.  Sadly, my Aunt Suzie and Uncle Joel moved to Bellingham, WA this year, so they couldn't come.  They had a truly white Christmas on the West Coast, and they were missed greatly.  However, Uncle Mike and his family, Camille and her boyfriend Ben, Shane and his lovely fiance Nissa, Mandy and all her girls.  This was the first time meeting Ben and Nissa, but they jumped in with both feet and had a great time with all of us.  This year saw the return of the "kids' table," although I renamed it the "Under 30 or Facebook cult table" since all of us were on Facebook and under 30 (except one welcome member lol).  Ben introduced us to Malaysian Idol which is a lot funnier than American Idol.  Nissa is really cool!  She fits right is with the karaokeing, Doctor Who fans in our family. :-)  We were all laughing all night long.  Shane is directing a production of Pride and Prejudice in Lewisville, and I may go up and audition for a part on Monday, which should be fun.

After everyone went home at 11:30, I headed straight up stairs to wrap presents and watch the BBC America Christmas shows.  I watched the Queen's Christmas message this morning.  I thought it was a nice universal message in these tough times to live generously and be outgoing.

You wouldn't have been able to tell that there was an economic down turn in our living room this morning.  We all made off like bandits even though there was a significant cutback in spending.  The tradition the past 8 yrs in our family has been to get a gift for the house, and this year we got a Wii.  I foresee the return of Leslie and Dad gaming time. :-)

This Christmas season maybe over for some of you, but it only begins my celebrating.  My birthday is next Friday.  8 days of awesome... kinda like Hannukah, but not. lol

Like I said, I love this season.  Parties and families.  Christmas music and Christmas decorations.

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