Saturday, January 3, 2009

A brief note concerning my obsessions, well maybe not so brief

Doctor Who vs. Twilight

I could tell you easily that Doctor Who trumps vampires any day of the week.  The Doctor travels through time and space in a cool blue box called the TARDIS.  Edward Cullen is earth-bound in a silver Volvo... well an Aston Martin would turn my head, however, it still can't take me to the stars and beyond.

I remember all the hoopla concerning the casting of Edward Cullen, and bless him, Robert Pattinson didn't deserve the lashing he got just after his casting was announced.  I hadn't read the books then, so I didn't understand the obsession.  Now that I have, I still think he's a good choice.

Now then, the brilliance of Doctor Who is that if the Doctor is mortally injured, he regenerates into a new person.  This is quite possibly the top most ingeniously brilliant plot device ever constructed (Sorry Shakespeare).  It allowed the original Doctor Who series to broadcast for 26 years with 7 Doctors.

My first and most favorite Doctor is David Tennant.  His Doctor was quick witted and had the best one-liners.  I knew that one day the dream would end and he'd hand over the keys to the TARDIS, but I thought it was still a few years off.  Nope!  He made the announcement back in the fall that 2009 was his last year as our beloved Doctor.  Big shoes have been left by a brilliant man.  

Wondering who would fill those shoes has left me a bit nervous.  Who would I like to see as the Doctor?  John Simm would have been great, had he not played the Master a couple years back.  David Morrisey would be awesome, but he just played in the last Christmas special.  Rupert Penry-Jones and Richard Armitage would both be hothothot... maybe too attractive to be our beloved Timelord.  Jonas Armstrong is too busy being Robin Hood.  David Bowie?  Too much awesomeness in combining glamrock god with Timelord... heads might explode.  Hugh Laurie?  He's already playing a doctor somewhere else (lol).

Well, today was the day the drumroll ended.  The Whoniverse collectively gasped in anticipation.....  Whovians sat perched on the edge of their seats, both fearful and ecstatic for the name of the 11th Doctor.

Matt Smith.

The youngest actor to ever play the Doctor at 26, Matt is a relatively unknown actor.  But I gave the lad the once over on the BBC news page.  He's got the personality and the quirky looks.  While I'm not familiar with his resume, I'd say he's got a good chance.  And with Stephen Moffat at the helm, there are sure to be top notch stories for Matt to cut his teeth on.

Good luck, Matt Smith!  Looking forward to travelling time and space with you.

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RandomRage said...

Yeah. I was upset at first because Tennant is probably my favorite Doctor, or at least on par with Tom Baker. But I thought about it some more and I'm pretty excited about the change. Moffat has written the best episodes of the new series so I'm completely pumped.
Also, we finished series 4 and I wasn't a huge fan of "Midnight," even though everyone else seems to like it. It just wasn't as strong as the "Silence in the Library" two-parter or even "Turn Left" after it. I am looking forward to the Doctor worship that Russel Davies is so fond of coming to a close...every episode he wrote has something about how the Doctor is a wonderful, dangerous man who makes things wonderful and dangerous...ALLRIGHT, we GET IT.
I would be thrilled if you would open up comments on here, I hate using my OpenID.