Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Day!

I must say that today was pretty fabulous.  Fabulous enough to overlook waking up at 4:30am, being at work at 5:45am, and powering through on 4 hours of sleep to now.

Obama is president.  I watched and participated in history being made.  It's a cool feeling.  So cool, I got chills watching the inauguration.  I think the spirit of today is what made it fabulous.  It was awe inspiring to see 1.4 million people UNITED, holding hands, waving flags, braving the cold together to witness history.

All that gave me a fresh wind to attempt to tackle my second shift at work (Inkheart screening).  Movie screenings at Northpark mall are so routine, I could probably walk from the parking lot, to the door, to the escalators, and to the correct theater with my eyes closed.  I could tell that my energy was flagging by the time I get the table cloth spread out.  It was hard to focus being so tired.  One of the regular attendees was nice and hooked me up with a massage and Route 44 size Dr Pepper (how I love thee) from Sonic (how I love thee).  That at least got me to where everything was out on the table, and from there, things kind of run themselves with people grabbing the Inkheart posters and signing up for a raffle.  I threw in some trivia to keep me entertained. (Besides the Mummy series, Brendan Fraser's most memorable movies are Encino Man & George of the Jungle. Hmph.)  It was also nice to see friendly faces from the ad agency and security team.

And now, I very much look forward to sleep.  My Sandman insurance includes Sigur Rós' Ágætis Byrjun and an Advil PM.

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