Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday!!

It's mah birthday!  I'm celebrating this evening dancing around to 100.3 HD2 The Strip... because having a drink and dancing around to the the music of the Rat Pack, Michael Buble, and Judy Garland is a very classy way to turn 28.

I always love this week.  The 8 day week between Christmas and my birthday.  It's a trifecta of party.  Christmas, New Year, and my birthday.  It's a ChristmaNewYearBirthday.  I'm not Jewish, but I like to think of it as a bit of a Hanukkah.... you know... 8 crazy nights.  Yah... maybe not.

NYE was fun.  I worked, but it was still a party.  We did a live broadcast from what used to be a rollerskating rink/lumber yard/boot scootin' establishment (it's had a varied history).  I spent the afternoon with friends celebrating Kelly's daughter Alexis' 10th birthday.  My parents took me out for dinner and a movie tonight since they are taking advantage of Pawpaw being in Grandbury for the weekend by going to the lake tomorrow.  We ate at Genghis Grill and saw Benjamin Button, but not before seeing the entire Texas Tech football team walk into the lobby of the AMC Grand.  I'm not a Red Raider, but I wished them good luck in the Cotton Bowl.  I will be spending my birthday in quiet solitude.... playing the heck out of Wii and watching movies. Ha!  Of course, I'll count the seconds until I really turn 28 which will be at 12:22pm.  Nerd, I know.

Some things I'd like for my birthday would be Doctor Who Season 4 on DVD, a new purse, and a bottle of Malibu.  On the highly unlikely yet wishful thinking category, I'd like my credit card paid off, my student loans paid off, a trip to England, and Rob Pattinson.  Wouldn't we all though? lol

I'm gonna finish my dancing around and get some sleep.  I intend to live it up in royal fashion, must be well rested.


RandomRage said...

Currently plowing through Doctor Who series 4 via blockbuster online right now. It's pretty good...the writer who did my favorite episode so far ("Blink" in series 3) did a two-parter that kicked so much ass, it's now my new favorite. Also, he's taking over the show from the Queer as Folk guy for series 5. Who hoo!

Leslie said...

Blink is still my top favorite. The Library two-parter comes in 3rd after Midnight... just wait til you see that one!

mesut demir said...

happy new year..

Bona Fide Darling said...

Happy belated birthday!