Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At least it's sunny in the bottom of the valley now.

Day 3 of MIA paycheck.  Turns out that my highly unappreciated $6 from Plato's Closet just saved me from a hefty overdraft fee.  It's greatly appreciated now.

As I was leaving to dash to the ATM, I got a phone call from my boss' boss.  Never really get calls from him, but seeing as we've just had a major unscheduled shake up at work, it's not a complete surprise.  We're having a staff meeting tomorrow night.  Dun dun dun!  OYes, to discuss our future employment.

On one side, super scary, anxiety-inducing anticipation of the unknown future.  On the other hand, I'm saving gas by not driving to Lewisville for rehearsal.

In an effort to battle my bills in lieu of an MIA paycheck, I'm going to have to ask my dad for a loan until my paycheck comes and/or my tax refund.

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