Sunday, February 15, 2009

Proud of Pride and Prejudice

What a weekend!

We performed before a full house all 3 performances this weekend.  I only made one flub the first night, the rest of my performances were great.  I really happy that we've become a very close cast/  I hope that we can all still hang out after the play ends.  We have too much fun together.

We have a bit too much fun behind the scenes. lol!

I made it a goal to forget about financial woes during this weekend's run of performances.  It really helped, but now it's on my mind again.  My pay check goes into my bank at midnight tonight.  I'm hoping that there will be enough.  I'm not expecting to be able to pay my bills on my own.  I need $500 to cover my bills.  I have $61.  I'm only expecting $226 from my pay check.  It's getting a bit tight in here.

What's worse is that there is nothing on the schedule for next week.  I could be called in at any time for a few hours.  Being on call makes it difficult to pick up hours in my mom's office.


Kim said...

Becky and Lance said you were GREAT! I hope we get to come see the show!

Randy W said...

I'd love to have seen the show, myself.