Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shower Sunday

A requested update dedicated to a faithful reader. ;-)

This weekend was lovely.  Lovely weather took my parents to the lake and left me with the house, laundry room, and entertainment center all to myself.  I took full advantage of all of it.

My cousin's fiance has gotten me addicted to Firefly.  It was on my watch list for a while, but I kept putting it off because I'm a rebel and dislike being told to watch something based on hype.  Anyhow, I'm hooked now, and I spent all of Saturday doing laundry and watching Firefly.  Of course, I took a break for Doctor Who. [Good gravy, I'm such a geek! HAHA!!!]  Wrapped up the evening with my favorite movie, Lost In Translation [I miss Tokyo].

Today was the wedding shower double whammy.  Started with Kimmy's shower at Jenina's house [Hi Jenina!].  I loved the little advice cards.  Definitely some quotable moments to be had *coughcoughKellyblushcoughgigglecough* Mini quiches followed me to Oak Cliff for my cousin Shane's shower.  It was a small gathering at his church.  I don't often get to see that side of the family, so I hopped at the chance to see cousins and my aunt and uncle.  More quotable moments from a lady about sliding off satin sheets.  Oh my. LOL.

I'm watching the Grammy's with my parents.  Dad likes Coldplay now, but I think they say that every year and never follow up on getting an album.  Pretty sure Mom has a crush on Simon Baker... but who doesn't?  I loved the new U2 song; can't wait for that album.

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