Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Je ne parle pas français

Weird. The Blogger sign in page was in French. I don't know French, but luckily, I knew enough to sign in and change it back to English. Weird and funny.

I have been graced with an overabundance of free time. Normally, that's not scary, unless I decide to clean my room. Now that's scary!


Don't you just love the view I have? It's nice to have it clean. I can have friends over now and not worry about losing them in blackhole.

If I don't get anything planned later in the week, I'll be on cleaning duty for the rest of the house in preparation for the arrival of family next week. Hotel Broadmoor will be opening to my family from the north.

I got my hair done yesterday. I don't have a satisfactory pic yet.  I hung out with my bestie Jade after she finished with my hair.  We went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic.  It was a cute movie.  Perfect for girl time. :-)

I officially now work for Lite FM now. It's a nice confirmation of still being employed after the earth shaking uncertainty of last week.  Kinda excited about the fresh start. Lord knows I need the work.

Today is Mardis Gras... maybe that's why Blogger went French.  Google did too.  I decided I'd participate in IBC's recognition of Lent this year.  I've firmly decided on giving up carbonated beverages, but I'm still on the fence about giving up meat sans seafood.  That one could prove tricky.

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