Friday, May 22, 2009

My last grandparent

Pawpaw is in the hospital again.

Figures. He's so stubborn. He won't listen to what the doctors tell him. He just does what his lazy ass wants to. His kidneys are becoming problematic (due to the mounds of salt he consumes despite doctors' orders).  It's come down to he needs dialysis.

And he's refusing.


I pray that I'm not this stubborn when I get old and need tons of medical care.

I can see the toll it's taking on my mom. This is her last living parent. Nana died almost 9 years ago. She's already stressed out, and I'm sure a breaking point is near. Pawpaw drives my mother up one wall and down the other under normal circumstances, so you can imagine how batty my mom is going now. Thinking about it now, this can't be good for her blood pressure.

The thing that's getting at me is that Pawpaw is my last grandparent. Even in all his cantankerousness, he's still my Pawpaw. He's still the phone call at Christmas pretending to be Santa. He's still the guy in the gorilla suit at Uncle Pete's trailer scaring the bejeezus out of us kids coming back from the Halloween hay ride in the Hill Country. He's still wild stories of wild shenanigans  in his youth.

Plans for Memorial Day weekend are very high up in the air right now. We could still go to the lake. My back up plan is going back to Scarborough Faire for one last hoorah. The escapist in me wants to hop in the car and go far, far away from all these problems (I've done that before :-P )

Prayers for my family would be greatly appreciated. The craziness has a trickle down effect in our house.