Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer come quick!

Oh the exciting life I do lead.

Heh. Not really. Nothing really changes.

Even though it's not officially summer, the weather in Dallas is HOT! And when I say HOT!, I mean hotter that the 9th circle of Dante's Inferno. Hotter than Satan's armpits. Hotter than... well you get the idea. It's not just the heat, it's also the humidity which doubles the feeling of the temperature. So it's not just hotter than hell, you feel like you are sitting in Satan's armpit. :-P How's that for a mental picture.

I love my job, but the summer is killer for us poor part timers. Our bright yellow polos are that thick cotton that suffocates you, and our dark blue baseball tees are.... well, dark. I'm pretty sure last summer didn't feel this killer.

Nothing at home has changed really. Pawpaw is out of the hospital, out of hospice, and back living in one of our spare rooms. It's day-to-day mostly one how he's doing. Today wasn't a good day. He had a headache all day, didn't eat anything, and hardly drank any water. My aunt Lizzy brought him a chocolate shake, and he went for that. He ate some at dinner, but Mom remarked that he doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive. It's really hard to watch a loved one fading away right before your eyes, and right under your roof. I did this with my Nana 9 years ago. That was far tougher on me because I was so close to my Nana. Pawpaw mostly stays in his room watching old westerns on cable.

A bright spot on the horizon is my brother coming home on leave from the Navy. My favorite sailor will be with us for the 4th, and we are so going to the lake! Seriously, I'm not letting anything stop me from heading to East Texas in two weeks. I can't wait to get out on the water and go tubing and swimming.

I'm getting some fun in the sun this weekend as well. A group of friends are going to Hurricane Harbor on Saturday for a birthday party. I can't wait. I love swimming and playing in the water.

Dad's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I put together an awesome slideshow in iMovie and burned it to a dvd. Dad was really impressed, not only by the effort, but by the pictures I had found around our house. There were baby pics that he'd never seen before that came from an envelope that Memaw had give him of childhood stuff. Now my uncle has me working on one for my aunt Carrie. This one has been a bit difficult because pictures being mailed from Kansas.

I had started swimming laps again for exercise. See how long that lasted. The summer is still young though. I just need to make it a priority to get in shape. I don't like feeling rusty before my time. I'm not even 30 yet! Ha!

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