Thursday, July 23, 2009

Once more, with feeling.

Hello loves.

I'm back.

I'm a horrible blogger these days. I think Twitter sucks it out of me. Twitter = blogging for the impatient.

Life had been wonderful of late. I sort of got promoted. I have the awesome privilege of working with some of the best people in my office. Seriously. It's a joy to go to work... even if there's massive heaps of it. I'm getting more and more interested in radio promotions.

I just got back from a fantastic little road trip up to NW Arkansas. Driving is relaxing. I like looking at the scenery. If I hadn't been driving, I probably would have been taking many more pictures. I was a bit surprised to come across mountains in Oklahoma. I knew they were there, but I wasn't expecting to see them along the particular highway I was driving. I wanted to stop a couple of times to look at rocks and formations along the road. [Geology nerd] Especially when I was driving I-540 in Arkansas. Gosh, the Boston Mountains are beautiful! I'd love to drive back up, if only for scenery.

All my plans for this trip fell apart before I even arrived in Fayetteville. A concert I wanted to see was rescheduled for August, and other friends that would be in town at the same time never made it. Even so, I spent quality time with wonderful people. I had sushi with Brandi, the friend I was staying with, and had some great conversation. Afterwards, I met up with Tandee and Travis Phillips for coffee. It was so refreshing to just sit and chat, rather than run around and party. I must be slowing down in my old age [good grief, I'm not even 30 yet! ha!].

I was glad to be back at work today. I really enjoy my job. It's been a crazy fierce day though. Madness getting ready for two huge events, back to back. I have to be at our Christmas in July event tomorrow at 4am. I keep telling myself that I'm living on London time in Texas. Ha! If only.

I know I didn't post it here, but my Pawpaw passed away at the end of June. He didn't want to be sick on his birthday again, and he ended up celebrating his birthday in Heaven. We're all back to normal here, and I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts.

Goodness, it's 10pm. I should be getting to bed soon, but I still have oodles of stuff to do. I'm off!

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Kim said...

I'm sorry about Pawpaw Leslie. I hadn't heard. I'm glad things are looking good for you. I miss you and I'm glad I get to see you at Beck's shower tomorrow!