Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What, what!

Well, look at that. I'm back inside of a week of the last post. This is cause for rejoicing.

*And there was great rejoicing in the land*

I'm currently watching Wipeout and waiting for I Survived A Japanese Gameshow. I love these shows. Wipeout has the snarkiest commentary. I love it.

I've been having a fantastic week. I'm a bit sad because one of my friends and co-workers leaves tomorrow for the beautiful scenery of Albuquerque (the spelling doesn't look right on that, but Mac says it's correct... hmph). I'm gonna miss her, she's such a huge blessing. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of things. "There is no stressing in radio." Ha.

I ran out of money in the bank [whoops!] so I've been taking my lunch. I'm making progress on the book I'm reading [Dead Until Dark]. Finally getting over the monster-sized chapters [seriously, 20+ page chapters!!]. I shouldn't complain since I'd fly through 3 bite sized chapters of Jane Austen. Dead Until Dark is from the Sookie Stackhouse novels... which the show True Blood is based on. What can I say... I like vampires.

I saw the new Harry Potter this weekend with my buddy Joel. It was alright. I liked the explanation and backstory, but it lacked in action. No magic battles? Blah. I'm looking forward to going to see Ponyo in a couple of weeks. Ponyo is the new Miyazaki film. Miyazaki is my favorite anime director; he's responsible for Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke. Class A stuff, so I'm stoked.

If I haven't proved my geekdom already, here's comes my linguistic geek-out... I've been rocking out the past couple of weeks to probably one of the best bands in the world that you've never heard of. I'm talking about Sweden's own Kent. Frakkin' brilliant band, and have been one of my faves for many years. I only know of 2 albums in English, but I've been rocking the Swedish recently. Sorta makes me want to dig in a bit more into the language. I've never really studied a roman alphabet based language (other than Spanish). Russian is a Cyrillic alphabet, and Japanese is well... yah. I heard the English version of Kent's "Kevlar Soul" the other day, and it seemed wordy in comparison to the Swedish. So giggle if you want, but I'm sitting here with the Swedish lyrics trying to suss out the pronunciation [which ain't easy, folks].

I hear the sound system booming downstairs, which means Dad has a movie on. Better go see what he's watching. Hasta!

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