Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The thing about money.

It is said that money is the root of all evil. However, money is necessary to do just about anything [unless you're a skillful hermit with no qualms about crickets for dinner]. Therefore, money is a necessary evil.

Having student loans to pay has made life a little challenging in the financial dept. If I don't get alot of hours at work, I fail to be able to make those huge payments [huge because I haven't consolidated yet]. I almost didn't make it this month, but my ever faithful God came through [because He ALWAYS comes through! Amen!] to scoot me clear by the seat of my pants. Took almost all my savings along with.

I was already walking a fine line last week when I had to get stuff for a bridal shower, fuel up, and grab lunch. I should have checked my balance, but I thought I was good. Yah, no. I got dinged last week for overdrafts. Ok, fine. I accept overdraft fees as a fact of life, much like death and taxes. I was in the red, and I take full responsibility for the baked potato that put me under. I got paid on Friday, I'm in the black again, and I've moved on with life.

My dad has taken it upon himself to over see my finances since El Switch-o Grande [the day Movin' became Mega] at the radio station. I really don't spend money on anything besides fuel and food [or is that two types of fuel?]. He never really says much anymore. However, since I got dinged twice, he considers me in a "bad financial situation." Ok, fine, a $35 overdraft fee is equal to about 5 hrs of work. He wants me to call and make a fuss/give a sob story to the bank to get that fee waived. I'm just one of those people who accepts the consequences, so I really didn't feel comfortable calling the bank and fussing [because the last time didn't work]. Also, calling wasn't my idea, so I'm not filled the the gumption it takes to get over my phone anxiety and rattle some call-center monkey's cage [don't ask about the anxiety, and don't ask me to call in a pizza]. [Also, I'm a horrible bargainer, flea markets are bad news].


I just got called downstairs because Dad went ahead and called the bank. Luckily, a nice lady name Irene helped me out by waiving one of those fees and setting up overdraft protection. He wins this round, although I'm still not happy about the whole making a fuss over this.

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thank you for listening me... :) said...

I love money.. :D although I agree with you, that money is the root of all problems... Lol